Arun Velagapalli, Somya D Mohanty, and Mahalingam Ramkumar
IEEE International conference on Communications in China, Communication Theory and Security Symposium. IEEE. 2012,
Publication year: 2012

Several applications fall under the broad umbrella of data dissemination systems (DDS), where providers and consumers of information rely on untrusted, or even unknown middle-men to disseminate and acquire data. This paper proposes a security architecture for a generic DDS by identifying a minimal trusted computing base (TCB) for middle-men and leveraging the TCB to provide useful assurances regarding the operation of the DDS. A precise characterization of the TCB is provided as a set of simple functions that can be executed even inside a severely resource limited trustworthy boundary. A core feature of the proposed approach is the ability of even resource limited modules to maintain an index ordered merkle tree (IOMT).

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